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First Offshore offers to all who purchase an offshore company and open an account abroad special price of $ 1650 for ready-made company LTD in the UK c full nominee service, as well as discounts on other offshore services, and opening a bank account, and for offshore accounts at PayPal Business 

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UK Offshore Company LTD
  • LLP from 1650 US $
  • LLP - US $ 1,250
  • LTD from 1650 US $
  • LTD - US $ 1,250
  • LTD (Private Limited Company)

    Private Limited Company in the UK in its structure has the director, shareholder and secretary (if desired). By analogy - the closest to the JSC (Joint Stock Company), in Russia or CHAO Private Joint Stock Company in Ukraine. The company must be at least one director, one of the directors of the company must be an individual, but the person should not be represented by the Secretary of the company.

    If the statute specifically stated, then the minimum number of directors may be increased as the statute may establish a mandatory presence of the Secretary. Minimum number of shareholders - one may be presented to both physical and legal entity.

    Legislative framework, under which names are chosen for LTD, is the situation of other conditions, company names and brand names in 2009 the main corporate document, LTD is a charter. All British companies with organizational and legal form of limited liability company have 'Limited', 'LTD' as the end of its name.

    The company must have a registered address in the UK. The authorized capital is established in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of the company.

    Finished the LTD in the UK , the proposed First Offshore, usually supplied with the offshore nominee shareholder in the British Virgin Islands or Belize

    Types of companies in the UK:

    For the purposes of international tax planning of most interest are the following companies:

    Benefits of registration Company LTD in the UK:

    • prestige and political stability;

    • to operate without taxes in the European jurisdiction
    • quick and simple procedure of incorporation;

    • Lower costs for registration and maintenance of the company;

    • favorable tax treatment;

    • the possibility of VAT rates;

    • tax incentives and the lack of mandatory audit for small companies;

    • could be used as holding structures, as well as residents and non-resident companies.

    • opportunities in the eCommerce and Internet commerce, the ability to podlkyuchenie and valuable work with PayPal Business and MoneyBookers.

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