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First Offshore ICG offers anyone who buys the first offshore company and open an account abroad special prices for ready-made companies in Belize, Panama and BVI, as well as individual system of discounts on other services.

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Offshore schemes. Examples of using offshore

Offshore and offshore schemes in most cases used by our customers to tax planning, and improve profitability in the areas of information technology and online stores, the development and sale of software, agriculture, banking and financial services, brokerage services, chemicals, construction projects, electronics, export, energy, engineering, fund management, film production, hotels, imports, insurance, investment services, manufacturing, natural resources, oil and gas, professional activities, property, project finance, retail, shipping, show business, textile industry, commerce, trusts, etc.

The following are examples of how offshore solutions help our clients earn more. Applying these decisions to themselves and to your business and see how we can help you. Transfer prices - a traditional method of tax planning when the profit is transferred from vysokonalogovoy jurisdiction in a low or a jurisdiction where taxes for offshore companies not under the law and replaced with a fixed annual payment, usually US $ 100 - US $ 300. With proper planning, the transfer price is not prohibited by law.

To effectively reduce taxes all that is needed - is to buy offshore and put it between the two companies from vysokonalogovyh jurisdictions as a mediator, or to use as a contractor working with your customers. Examples of offshore schemes that are most commonly found and used by our customers are given below.


First Offshore helping clients to buy raw materials in Ukraine in order to further its exports to EU countries, the acquisition of cullet a company registered in Panama, which then sells the wood of the parent company in Poland for its delivery within the EEC. Raw material is delivered directly to customers from Ukraine to Poland, which then delivers it to the EU. At the same time profit from the transaction remains in the accounts of offshore companies and is not subject to any taxes.  


First Offshore opened for our customers an LLP in the UK, which buys clothes of leading brands in China and Turkey, and then import it to the CIS countries at the right price taking into account the peculiarities of the customs and wishes of the distributors. Clothing sold the company, based in the UK, distributors in Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation, and profits earned by the UK, not taxable and is distributed among the participants LLP, both - of two offshore companies in Belize owned by each customer.

E-commerce and online trading

First Offshore opened an offshore company in Belize for a client who owns a number of online entertainment sites that provide the opportunity to acquire online audio and video products, and also sell software, hosting, domains, etc. for customers worldwide. In addition to the Web site was connected to an offshore merchant account, which allows buyers to accept payments online using credit and debit cards VISA | MasterCard. Received from the sale of funds protsessinovaya company acquirer transfers to offshore bank account offshore company in Pribaltke, with the client, there are no tax liabilities, ie all taxes in Belize for the International Business Companies (IBC) are replaced by a fixed annual fee of US $ 100.  

Offshore programming

Our customers who previously worked on the single tax as private entrepreneurs and generate revenue from software development for foreign customers, purchased for the ready offshore company in Belize and now they have no losses on exchange rates and on taxes. What's more - our clients are no longer dependent on local laws, as all customers are overseas and new offshore company and bank as well. For every programmer has been released nameless corporate debit card Maestro Noname (on the map is not specified neither the owner nor the name of the company) provides the possibility of withdrawing funds around the world and pay for any purchases using a PIN-code. Work on behalf of legal persons has also increased the confidence level of customers that display the positive income growth of our clients and the number of new orders.

Transport and forwarding services

First Offshore helps clients save substantial amounts of tax by providing transport and forwarding services using an offshore intermediary company that receives orders from foreign companies and to make calculations with the actual executors of services in the CIS countries. Thus, all profits from freight forwarding services are not taxed, and comes to the company's account in Belize, open in the Baltic banks.

MLM and Network Marketing. Payroll

The Group has helped many companies that distribute their products through multilevel marketing. Each participant is issued Maestro debit card or MasterCard, which can be optionally as a noun and an unnamed - and on this card regularly transferred bonuses from the program. The cardholder receives an individual access code to the online bank, with which he alone could go over the site of an offshore bank, and in Russian to get acquainted with state of the account, get a statement or make any money transfer. The card is issued in U.S. dollars or euros and can be used worldwide to withdraw money and make purchases. With this our clients there are no taxes and obligations to withhold personal income, as well as minimize the costs of administering payments to thousands of sotrudinikov that distribute products from our customers. This scheme is also used by many of our other clients for the implementation of offshore payroll for their employees eliminates the payment of wages in envelopes and yet do not have tax losses, as the wages paid to foreign companies.


There are great opportunities in the use of offshore companies when buying real estate and business both abroad and for possession of confidential in the country where you live. The cost of this operation is not as significant as compared with the benefits. The use of offshore for ownership stakes in the company or as the founder of a private enterprise may give additional tax benefits in the country of the client and simplifies the procedure in the event of a sale.

British Virgin Islands, Belize, Panama - are stable reliable jurisdictions for companies owning real estate, businesses and business. Even many very well-known businessmen in the CIS countries are using these companies to buy assets - because technically no connection between the company and the beneficial owner is not, and therefore no issues of tax and other authorities, and surmise and conjecture can do each. When buying real estate and assets abroad, the use of an offshore company is an additional tool for privacy and convenience of the further sale of real estate taxes, arising when buying or selling real estate, which are significant in many countries, including Ukraine and Russia.


Using offshore to obtain fee income from the various transactions is a simple, convenient and safe way to protect your interests when you mediates a specific transaction, or renders services, but would not want to advertise your name or to participate in the transaction through its local company. Anonymously and confidentially for you to do everything offshore: many of our customers are successfully using companies registered in Belize for commissions and agency fees and charges associated with services in advertising, design, development, leasing, etc. to offshore accounts, minimizing tax losses while maintaining the confidentiality of the payee. The result of the foregoing is a legitimate transfer of profits in low-tax jurisdictions.


Quite often we konsultirum generating companies on the purchase and sale of patents, know-how, licenses, franchises often through offshore companies. With the acquisition of rights offshore company enters into contracts with interested parties who wish to use these patents and know-how in the world. Income, which may overlap only the withholding tax, accumulated in an offshore company without paying taxes. Withholding taxes can be significantly reduced through proper choice of jurisdiction and the commercial use of agreements on avoiding double taxation.


In our practice, offshore accounts are used by many famous people - movie stars, the stars of show business, famous musicians, athletes and financiers in order through them as authorized agents, to enter into contracts with customers and receive fees and commissions from transactions. Offshore hired the company will not pay income taxes, and payments to individuals are made in such a way as to minimize tax payments.

When you purchase an offshore company at a special price we provide services for opening accounts in HSBC PrivateBank (Switzerland), CIM Bank (Switzerland), Norvik Bank (Latvia), ABLV | Aizrkaukles Bank (Latvia), Loyal Bank (Caribbean), Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus) on a preferential and priority basis and provide you with all the necessary recommendations, and more, you get additional discounts of up to 50% on maintenance in the data banks. 

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