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First Offshore offers to all who purchase an offshore company and open an account abroad to special rates on US $ 450 on ready-made companies in Belize, Panama and BVI, as well as discounts on other offshore services, and opening a bank account, and for offshore accounts at PayPal Business 

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First Offshore specialists will give you free advice over the entire period of servicing offshore

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Welcome to the World without Taxes!

Buying a offshore company with a offshore bank account is the first step to freedom, prosperity and stability. Think about the future now - tomorrow may be too late. We have done everything to make your first offshore company be useful and you fill maximum satisfaction from its use, and your business got additional tax free benefits and a lot of new customers.

First Offshore have achieved direct agreements with major EU and Swiss banks and also with Offshore Registrars in Belize, Panama, BVI and the UK and thats why the price of ready-made offshore companies for all who first buy the offshore company and open an account in offshore bank is more than attractive and comparable to the cost of registering a domectic company in your country. The only difference is that there are no taxes in offshore! 

First Offshore tazhe provides services on international tax planning, investments, private purchase of real estate and assets, the opening of accounts abroad for frequent parties and offshore companies, registration of companies in different jurisdictions, as well as other financial and legal services in the field of international law. 

First Offshore Corporate Services

First Offshoe is the international business service provider of ready-made offshore companies, the incorporation services of IBC companies in offshore and low tax jurisdictions, opening bank accounts, as well as consulting services in international tax planning. Our specialists are always able to pick the right scheme based on the experience and the realities of modern international law.

Turning to us, you get a fast solution to all your business needs in one office, a high level of service and individual approach to each situation. We offer a wide spectrum of offshore services for all your questions please contact our specialists

Offshore banks and offshore schemes

• Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd • Credit Suisse • Norvik Bank
• AP Anlage & Privatebank • Hellenic Bank • Raiffeisen Zentralbank AG
• Bank Osterreich Vontobel AG • HSBC Hong Kong • Rietumu Banka
• Barclays Bank Hong Kong • HSBC UK • UBS
• Barclays Bank Seychelles • Nordea Bank Danmark • Unicredit Bank
• Barclays Bank UK • Marfin Laiki Bank • Valartis Bank AG
• BNP Paribas • Credit Agricole

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