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 Ready-made Offshore Company  BVI:

Ready-made company on BVI (British Virgin Islands), is one of the best decisions. BVI shelf companies to the BVI can be bought in the First Offshore at a special price of $ 949. 95. Learn more about how to pay the purchase an offshore company and opening accounts in the section How to buy

BVI - classic offshore area, the company's registration is in accordance with the law of international business companies with the changes of 2004 Companies Act - the basic law of the British Virgin Islands, regulating the activities of International Business Companies (IBC), have the authority to engage in any business without permits, licenses and taxes.

International Business Companies (IBC) has no right to engage in activities with the residents of BVI, to conduct banking or trust business, working as an insurance company. In 1997 British Virgin Islands became the world leader in the formation of offshore companies registered approximately 50,000 companies. More about companies on the BVI ...