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First Offshore ICG offers anyone who buys the first offshore company and open an account abroad special prices for ready-made companies in Belize, Panama and BVI, as well as individual system of discounts on other services.

Accepted for payment 

The Offshore Company for US $ 450! It's a Dream Come True:)

First Offshore provides you the fantactic opportunity to purchase ready-made offshore company for only US $ 450, including the provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders and the issuance of general power of attorney for one year at no additional charge for this. No additional hidden fees - you get all inclusive at a price that at least 50-70% below regular prices for these services.

How to buy the company? | How to Buy Offshore?

It's very simple: you have to choose the name of an offshore company from the list of ready-made offshore, send us an order by email: info@first-offshore.com or skype: first_offshore zapezervirovat and the name of your offshore company. Full list of shelf companies available we can also send you via email or skype, or check by phone.

First Offshore reached dogovrennostey with leading offshore registrars in Belize, Panama, BVI, SVG and Britain and thus the cost of ready-made offshore companies in the BVI, SVG, Belize, Panama, the United Kingdom for those who first bought the company and open an account abroad is more than available.

We are an independent professional mediator, and always choose the best long-term experience with the registrar service and lushchie banks for our clients - it provides more than reasonable prices, we are pleased to offer you at the beginning of the offshore business.

You never have to wait - the company is always available at our offices and design company takes no more than 30 minutes! Can send documents by courier DHL | TNT | FedEx to any city in the world and open an account without a visit to our office - in this case you will need to send us a completed bank forms and passport details of a trusted person who will manage the account.

After receiving the form we will send you the management tools of the Internet bank or you can personally get them from our representatives at your nearest office.

Given the recent changes in tax laws that are associated with the adoption of the Tax Code, a company in an offshore zone may need to anyone who has previously worked in the service sector to foreign customers - as these activities would be impossible for a simplified tax system, and the new single tax rate, where they persist, will be much higher than the cost of annual maintenance of offshore and on-time delivery of mandatory tax reporting.

Try to work with offshore - we predalagaem it to you without any obligation on your part to extend the company - if the company does not need you next year - you just tell us about it. We are always happy to see you among our clients and we would like to assure you that the main objective was to establish partnerships with our clients, and if you need help in the daily affairs of your company, First Offshore specialists ready to help you in your affairs, whether it's corporate services, contractual work, bank or financial matters.

Addressing the First Offshore, you get a fast solution to all your business needs in one office, a high level of service and individual approach to each situation. 
We offer a wide spectrum of offshore services for all your questions please contact our specialists by e-mail info@first-offshore.com or skype: first_offshore

Call now and book an offshore company at special price: 38 (044) 228-78-78

The cost of a ready reserve of offshore for 2 weeks is $ 99. 95. After reserving the name you get the scans of all company documents, make sure it fits you and make payment. You can also visit the site of our company and pick up ready-made company from our office by paying the remaining amount upon receipt, or to arrange a meeting with a representative of our company in your town.

Courier Delivery | Express Delivery Services 
First Offshore can be send by courier company DHL, FedEx, PonyExpess. Stomost courier delivery to any destination is $ 99. 95.. Pay the cost of shipping the finished offshore DHL, you can also online.

Bank account | Open EU Bank Account Online 

If you want to immediately open a European bank and get the details of the account, in which case you should send us an email: info@first-offshore.com or skype: first_offshore color scan a copy of the internal and passport for registration of power of attorney for management and banking forms .

After receiving your data and information in which bank you would like to open an account, we podgtovim you bank forms for signature, which will need to fill out, sign and send us the scans via email or send by fax. Pay for the service of opening a bank account, you can also online. Personal visit is not required, but we are always glad to see you at our offices for advice on opening the account and baknovskih operations.

When you purchase an offshore company at a special price, we provide a service to open corporate accounts in CIM Bank (Switzerland), Norvik Bank (Latvia), ABLV | Aizrkaukles Bank (Latvia), Loyal Bank (Caribbean), Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus), as well as investment accounts at HSBC PrivateBank (Switzerland) on a preferential and priority basis. These banks are the number 1 in the region have Russian language support and wholesome in this regard, we are confident that our customers will be 100% satisfied with the quality and speed of banking services. 

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